Acadia's residence halls offer residents a prime location, as they are located only minutes from classrooms, labs, the gym and library. Living on campus offers the ease of an eight-month, all-inclusive lease which includes furniture, heat, power, water, local phone service, phone with call display, high speed internet, in-house laundry facilities and regular cleaning of public areas. Students in residence benefit from a direct, high speed connection to the Acadia network, 24-hour on-call security, coordinated response in an emergency and Resident Assistant programming and support.

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Chase Court

Chase Court

Size: 255 Residents
Room Mix: 100% single rooms including:
190 Basic Single rooms (private room with a single bed)
47 Deluxe Single Rooms (a larger room with a double bed)
18 rooms in 6 Shared Suites (suites consist of 3 private bedrooms, a lounge and a washroom)
Community Type: 
Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General, Quiet, Upper year or Scent Free sections.

Entrance to Chase Court section 2B Chase Court TV lounge Chase Court hallway Chase Court kitchenette and laundry facility Chase Court main lobby A typical Chase Court lounge Chase Court basic single room Chase Court deluxe single room Chase Court single room Chase Court suite lounge Chase Court Single Room Chase Court Single 2 

Resident's View

"I grew up in a small community and having friends within walking distance, within talking distance has been a welcome change of scenery. I could have commuted to and from Acadia every day, but I would not have met nearly as many people as I have while living in residence. Being a resident in Seminary, Resident Assistant in Dennis, and Senior Resident Assistant in Chase, I have met hundreds of unique people who I would not otherwise have had the chance to meet. It is comforting sharing a building with old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be friends. I am proud of my decision to live on campus." (John Franey, Berwick, Nova Scotia, 3rd year Political Science major, Senior Resident Assistant 2007/08, Chase Court)

Chipman House

Chipman House

Size: 118 Residents
Room Mix: 76 beds in double rooms (single beds)
38 single rooms (single bed)
4 deluxe single rooms (larger room, double bed)
Community Type: 
Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General

The main Chipman TV lounge Chipman's large activity room Chipman House hallway Chipman House kitchen Chipman House laundry room A typical Chipman House lounge Painting in Chipman House Chipman Double Room Chipman Double 2  Chipman Double Room 3 Chipman Double 4 

Resident's View

"Chipman house is among one of the most upbeat buildings on campus and it is a perfect place to begin your university experience. This is my final year at Acadia University and living in Chipman is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am going to miss the diversity and countless personalities that I've had the pleasure of living with. It's always a good feeling to have some of your closest friends right down the hall. Chipman's tradition and pride create a lifelong bond among residents and the consistently evolving culture gives valuable life lessons for the future." (Nathan England, Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia, 4th year Business major, Senior Resident Assistant 2007/08, Chipman House & Roy Jodrey Hall)

Christofor Hall

Christofor Hall

Size: 74 Residents
Room Mix: 29 basic singles (single bed)
15 deluxe singles (double bed)
30 basic doubles (single bed)
Community Type: 
Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General

Christofor group study room Christofor House hallway Christofor House kitchen A typical Christofor house kitchenette Christofor main TV lounge Christofor Single Room Christofor Room 2 

Resident's View

"Christofor is among one of the most well rounded buildings on campus and a wonderful place to live during your university career. Living in Christofor in my final year at Acadia is one of the best decisions that I have made, and by far one of the best years I have had on campus. There is so much that this building can offer; diversity, tradition, comradery, and acceptance gives you a glimpse of what life in Christofor has offered me this year. I am going to deeply miss all of the amazing people I have had the pleasure of living with over the past 8 months; we started as neighbours and left as family. There is a strong tradition of pride within the brother buildings of Christofor and Eaton and you develop a lifelong bond among your fellow EC family." (Jaimie Langille, Calgary, Alberta, Biology major, Senior Resident Assistant 2014/2015, Eaton, Christofor, & Roy Jodrey).

Crowell Tower


Size: 264 Residents
Room Mix: 144 basic singles (single bed)
120 basic doubles (single beds)
1 private apartment (kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom)
Community Type: Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General, Alcohol Free, Female Only, or Quiet
Crowell Tower's welcoming elevators Acadia Axeman in the Crowell Tower TV lounge Crowell Tower RA office Crowell Tower laundry facility The beautiful view from the 13th floor of Crowell Tower A Basic Single Room in Crowell Tower 

Resident's View

"I moved into Crowell Tower at the beginning of my 2nd year and was immediately welcomed by its friendly, diverse community.  Each residence has its own special flavour, and Tower is renowned for its strong community.  I love the circular floor layout because it makes it easy to meet new people and build lasting friendships.  It's no wonder Tower has won Acadia's "Community of the Year" award so many times!  Conveniently located next to Acadia's largest student parking lot, only steps away from meal hall, and a short walk from classes, Tower's location is superb.  While the building hasn't been recently renovated, it proudly makes up for the vintage decor by boasting the best built-in storage space on campus, affordable pricing, unparalleled charm and personality, and the best view in the Annapolis Valley.  I am honoured to call Tower home.” (Elisabet Lindale, 4th year History major, Resident Assistant 2011/12, Crowell Tower)

Cutten House



Size: 258 Residents
Room Mix: 144 basic singles (single bed)
109 basic doubles (single beds)
Community Type: Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General, Alcohol Free, French Language, or Quiet

A basic single room in Cutten House Another view of a basic single room A Deluxe Single Room in Cutten House (two single beds have been put together) Cutten Deluxe Single from another angle A washroom in Cutten House, renovated in 2012. The Cutten House Main Lounge Main Kitchen in Cutten House, just off the main lobby Cutten House features a Pool Table, Table Soccer Table and a few Pianos. Every section has a floor lounge to hang out with friends Every floor lounge has a kitchenette with fridge and microwave The laundry facilities, located on floors 3, 4 and 5 A study lounge, located near the the main lounge on 2nd floor 

Resident's View

"Cutten House is a great new home to begin your university experience. It is a great balance of a lively weekend atmosphere contrasted by a more relaxed demeanour during the week.  The Cutten Titans that inhabit the building are as diverse as they come at Acadia. With an ideal mixture of first and upper year students, there is always an activity to get involved in. With many life long friendships forming, the Cutten community rivals all others on campus. This Is Titan Territory!" (Cameron Ashe, 4th year Psychology Neuroscience major, Senior Resident Assistant 2014/15, Cutten House)


Dennis House


Size: 144 Residents
Room Mix: 6 basic singles (single bed)
8 deluxe singles (double bed)
10 shared suite rooms (single bed with a shared bathroom and lounge with other rooms in the suite)
120 basic doubles (single bed)
Community Type: Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General
Dennis House colours! Dennis House hallway A typical Dennis House lounge Dennis House kitchen Dennis House main lounge Another view of the Dennis House main lounge Dennis House main staircase A view of outside Dennis House 

Resident's View

"Dennis House produced the most positive and exciting memories of my time at Acadia - I lived in Dennis for my entire undergraduate career, and loved every minute of it! Dennis is perfectly located right next to meal hall, and residents enjoy some of the best views on campus from its spacious floor lounges. D-House residents are known for their strong community (celebrated annually during Dennis Pride Week), their powerhouse Green Machine intramural teams and their contagious Welcome Week cheers. With its many double rooms and a yearly influx of first-year students, Dennis has a distinctive energy and spirit which, in my opinion, are unmatched by any other house on campus. Enjoy your stay!"   (Kevin Morash, 4th year Biology major, Senior Resident Assistant 2011/12, Dennis House)

Eaton House


Size: 91 Residents
Room Mix: 37 basic singles (single bed)
16 deluxe singles (double bed)
1 private suite (double bed with private bathroom and lounge)
36 basic doubles (single bed)
Community Type: Co-ed residence and sections
Living Environments Available: General

Eaton House basic double Eaton House hallway Eaton House kitchenette Eaton House basic single Eaton House basic single Eaton House main TV lounge 

Resident's View

 "Eaton House can be considered many things to many different people but among these would be a fun, inclusive, and supportive place to call home. I lived in Eaton House during my first year at Acadia and I couldn't be happier to have returned to this building for my final year. Eaton and Christofor(EC) are situated right next to each other and both offer social communities, many open doors, and great events! I've made many memories from meeting some of my best friends, celebrating the many traditions that being a "Raider" offers, and the unique sense of pride that unites the residents of the building. Regardless of where you come from or who you are, Eaton House is a place that you can learn, develop, and grow, creating memories that will last a lifetime. I know that my final year at Acadia would not have been the amazing journey it was if it weren't for the diverse group of people that I was surrounded by. I will look back fondly, years from now, at the friends that quickly became my family in the place that we call home." (Victoria Hutt, Kentville, Nova Scotia, 4th Year Business Major, Resident Assistant 2014-2015)

Raymond House

Size: 10 Residents
Room Mix: 9 basic singles (single bed)
1 private suite (single bed)
Community Type: Co-ed, Upper Year House
Living Environments Available: Upper Year

For more information, please contact Residence Life! 

Roy Jodrey Hall


Size: 96 Residents
Room Mix: 48 basic singles (double bed)
48 shared suite rooms (double bed with a lounge and bathroom shared by two other suitemates)
Community Type: Co-ed, Upper Year
Living Environments Available: 
General or Upper year

Roy Jodrey hallway Roy Jodrey personal message board Roy Jodrey Hall kitchen Roy Jodrey Hall lounge View from just outside Roy Jodrey Hall A Roy Jodrey Single Room 

Resident's View

"When I first moved into Roy Jodrey Hall, I had one impression: quiet. Here is a building, reserved for upper year students, where you can imagine yourself studying and being productive without distraction. However, first impressions can be deceiving: hidden beneath its calm environment is a group of students who have been around the block once or twice but who nonetheless enjoy the convenience and community that residence provides. Students in other residences often refer to Roy Jodrey as their retirement home, but rest assured that we have a bit more fun than bingo and square dancing. One's experience in Roy Jodrey is what you make of it: whether you want the privacy of a suite, or the comfort of the building's double beds, you will find a place within this welcoming, but not overbearing, environment. My two years in Roy Jodrey have been amongst my most productive but, also, amongst my most enjoyable here at Acadia; that's a combination that's hard to beat in my eyes.” 
(Myles McNutt, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, 5th year English Masters Student and Resident Assistant 2008/2009)

Seminary House


Size: 90 Residents
Room Mix: 38 basic singles (single bed)
2 deluxe singles (double bed)
50 basic doubles (single bed)
Community Type: Co-ed
Living Environments Available: General

A view of Seminary House from outside Seminary House hallway Seminary single room A Double room in Seminary Another view of a Sem double room Seminary House laundry room Sem's main lounge! Another view of the main lounge Seminary House pool table lounge Seminary House hallway 

Resident's View

 "Seminary House (or “Sem”) is a beautiful building with an amazing history. Built in 1878, Sem is the oldest operating residence in Canada. It is a registered national historic site, having been the place where, in 1884, a Seminary student named Clara Belle Marshall became the first woman in the British Empire to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree! Sem’s rooms are spacious with high ceilings and big windows. A number lucky students even have hardwood floors and pristine views of the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world! Choose to live in Sem and you’ll find the walk back to your room is often accompanied by the sounds of any number of talented music students practicing their instruments! To top it all off, Sem is host to an annual Haunted House which draws guests from across campus and around the town of Wolfville! Frankly, I can’t imagine a more interesting place to live!" (Max Boulet, Resident of Seminary House, 2011/12)

War Memorial House (Barrax)


Size: 137 Residents
Room Mix: 39 basic singles (single bed)
20 deluxe singles (single bed with a larger room)
14 premium singles(single bed with private bathroom)
46 shared basic doubles (single beds)
4 shared deluxe doubles (single beds)
3 shared suite rooms (single bed with shared lounge and bathroom)

Community Type: Co-ed
Living Environments Available: General

War Memorial House (Barrax) poster War Memorial House kitchen War Memorial House hallway War Memorial House laundry room War Memorial house lounge War Memorial House memorial plaque War Memorial House Double Room Residents Packing up their Double Room at the end of term. War Memorial House Single Room A Premium Single in War Memorial (includes a private washroom)

Resident's View

 "War Memorial House, or Barrax as it is most commonly known, is a wonderful building and community at the bottom of Acadia's hill. Barrax is uniquely located near the edge of campus and close to all classrooms, the gym and the town of the Wolfville. The building has large common rooms, private style bathrooms as well as a friendly and inviting atmosphere comprised of one great big Barrax Family inside its 5 floors. So come join us at the bottom of the hill and let Barrax become your home sweet home." (Stephen Loney, Bedford, Nova Scotia, 4th year History/Sociology major, Senior Resident Assistant 2014-2015, War Memorial House)

Whitman House (Tully)


Size: 98 Residents
Room Mix: 18 basic singles (single bed)
12 deluxe singles (single bed with a larger room)
60 basic doubles (single bed)
8 shared suite rooms (single bed and bathroom and lounge shared with one other suitemate)
Community Type: All female
Living Environments Available: General or Quiet+Alcohol Free

Whitman House lounge Whitman House alumni glass cabinet Whitman House 3rd floor hallway Old radio in Whitman House Whitman House alumni pictures The Resident Assistant's door! A Whitman House Double Room Another angle or a Whitman House Double Room A Deluxe Single Room in Whitman House 

Resident's View

"Stepping onto the Acadia campus and into the doors of Whitman House (or Tully, as it is affectionately called) three years ago was like leaving one family only to instantly become part of another. My years there were filled with so much fun, friends, and support that I would not have had in the same way had I not lived in this building. It was my honour to serve as Tully’s House President in the 2010/2011 academic year, as I got to continue some of the great traditions and events Tully has maintained over the years, of which there are many. Some of my best memories of Acadia took place within Tully’s ancient walls! If you are looking for an aesthetically beautiful building which is filled with an amazing spirit and sense of community, I would look no further than Whitman House!" (Carolyn McKee, Whitman House President, 2010/11)